Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.the birth.of.a.glory blog.

the dancing.the burning ones.
Glory fruitflies.

ok. so today. yes today. I had two pictures of us and Papa God; of how we are so wrapped up in eachother. head over heels in love for one another. of how we cannot take our eyes off of eachother. how we are so happy being in His arms. safe. secure. how He gives us honey to taste and rain to drink. and we dance around Him. but we also dance IN Him. and He dances and sings in circles inside our hearts. and as this happens, our heart heats up. it gets warmer and warmer. heat. heat. heat. until our hearts are blazing with every word that He breathes into us. we are burning with His love! And as wind.breath.[spirit].makes a fire bigger and hotter. as fire loves breath. so is it with us! We love it when God speaks.breathes.wind into our blazing hearts! Its like a drug. vintage wine. [His blood] .and we are like little fruitflies dancing, spinning and buzzing around. when out of nowhere, the wine is spilled; and we dash toward the wine because it is so so sweet to our senses. we are so so attracted to it that we start splashing in it. spinning in it. covering ourselves in it. drinking it. then we start laughing, splashing and sloshing around in the Wine! And at the same time, we realize that it has never been holier. never more perfect than this! That Christ would go through the cross-so that He can kiss us more often. kiss us all over our faces. our noses. our lips. our eyes. our rosey cheeks! That He would spill His love all over just so that He can be with us forever. and call us highly favored sons and daughters; princes and princesses. kings and queens of the Most High! We are the dancing ones. the burning ones. we want your wind to blow and your fire to fall on us Holy Spirit!! So here begins; the crazy random, super spontaneous and laughing blog. about a crazy random, super spontaneous and laughing God! :D

Drink and enjoy! :)

PS. will be updated weekly!

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