Monday, June 28, 2010


then Balaam saw Amalek and uttered his oracle:
amalek was first among the nations.but he will
come to ruin at last.

then he saw the Kenites and uttered his oracle:
your dwelling place is secure.your nest is set in a rock;
yet you Kenites will be destroyed when Asshur takes you captive.

then he uttered his oracle: Ah, who can live when God does this? ships will come from the shores of Kittim;they will subdue Asshur and Eber, but they too will come to ruin. [numbers 24:19-25]

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [psalm 91:1]

'Have you ever been homeless, or endangered of being homeless?' fafsa read as i apply, yet, for another semester. errr. my first semester rather. -sighs- do i seriously havta answer this one? today, the tackle is harder than getting hit by a car.harder than burning the ribs.harder than pride.walking.running.harder than being scared outta your wits by some jerk jumping outofa bush with a sudden yell.this is the cynical cultural drama of being boxed. cardboard boxed, that is. the art of being home-less.

Now, being the King or Queen of Details that you are, you probably noticed the proverbial 'hyphen' between home, and less. indeed this is a proverb. and in this word, are the people to whom we so often refer to as the 'hobo', the 'homeless' the 'boxers' and the 'boxlerettes', we so, so, so many times fail to notice something rather trivial. 'homeless', does not exist in the dictionary. home-less does. ok.ok.ok. so whats the diff dude? so lemme kiss the lips of the english book for a simple sec. 'home', in this context is a noun. and 'less', is an adjective. in lamens terms, the 'hypen' deems the contraption as 'unnessesary to be together'.

so to what we conclude to is 'home' and 'less' were never meant to be together!

why then are there thousands of homeless shelters in the US? gov't programs fighting home-less-ness? why do so many home-less people drop their drawers and pee and poop in public sight so they can get shelter in jail for the winter? why have 'will work for food and shelter' signs doubled in the last three years? why are homemakers a highly sought-after paid service now? why is there a it wasn't meant to be like many people, were on the highrise now on the lowrise.the dirt.the soil. we were meant to be home. where is it? i can't seem to findit. i musta misplaced it somewhere. i think i lost it somewhere on this rugged path called life. life.

i bounce. yes i bounce of course. place to place. you may bounce.bounce. or maybe not. if you bounce, lemme speak to you hereandnow.

your home is not here. you are an alien of another kingdom. with a King who covers you like a blanket.who is the ceiling, walls n' floors to your shack. and your palace. he is your heat.your airconditioning.your food.your drink.your cold cup of water.your health insurance.your life insurance.your affection.your love.your comfort.your shelter.your strong tower.your eyeducts.he likes you. he loves you too.kisses.kisses.kisses you all over your face, hands and washes your feet.but then, he also braces you like a man.kicks your spine straight.reshapes and reconstructs your stature.your foundation.and waters you like a seed and watches you grow.and so do other people. everybody watches you grow. and it brings Him great pleasure to watch you and be a part of your life. His name is Jesus.

now to those who don't bounce. but stick.stick.stick. lemme also speak to you.

you may stick, but make sure you know how sticky your adhesive is.make sure that you are progressive in the 'art of stick'. make jesus your designated brand of adhesive.meaning:everything you have is actually His. your job, your home, apartment, your kids, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife, your singleness, your led/plasma/lcd tv.your laptop. your macbook pro. iphone.texting plan.your car. nothing is sound. you could lose them all in the next two hours. you could lose them all while you are reading this. that a phone ringing? that might be your boss calling to say that they are letting you go and to finish out the week. what if you died in the next 3 seconds from a brain error? a heart error? you know these are not uncommon at all. do not be too proud to ask for help. give and sow generously, and in doing so, you will have friends to help you out when you bounce.invest in friendships around you. do not ever feel secure or comfortable. it is possible to be displaced. burn this concept into your brain, and into your heart: NOTHING IS SOUND. EXCEPT JESUS.

to the bouncers and the stickers. let us mingle in the kingdom. love jesus. love people. be there for eachother. stick well, bounce well, eat, drink and be merry.but not blot out the voice of reality, giving and sowing.making our homes with eachother. let us mesh with the heart of God together. bring heaven to earth and eat heaven truffles.ah. so good. tasty mmmmm. nom nom nom. let us dwell in the shelter of the Most High, and rest in the shadow of the almighty. let us sow generously, and reap bumper crops.

Praise the Lord, oh my soul/And let all that's within me praise His name/Praise the Lord, oh my soul/And let all that's within me praise His name/ For I will not die, I will live/And I will tell of the Works of the Lord/ And sing of His wonders.And I get to love You through whatever comes/What a privilege/That I get to love You through whatever comes/ Oh, how sweet it is.

-Kristine Mueller