Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cement Without Ears

"Prescription without diagnosis, leads to malpractice.
Too often we cement opinions about others, without ever hearing their heart." -
-Al McCausland

I love music production. And so far, it seems to love me. *don’t jinx me* lol. Honestly, though, I must admit my ‘production studio’ consists of merely an ibook G4 [not to be confused with macbooks] guitar. And a Bible (for percussion purposes). Consisting of mostly scratch—tracks and rough layouts and recordings. Thank you garage band! ;)

Now, the interesting thing though, is not that of a solid white square of awesome awesomeness (that too) but, how the music just sounds so much different in real life, than in the final mastered product. It may be the simple fact that my microphone sucks. Or possibly that my guitar is a Lotus; and a carefully crafted copy of some famous guitar and lest we forget, made in Japan. may be that I insert loops, apply effects, change alot of the aspects; and then EQ the master, move stuff around—maybe even pitch correction (given I’m Lady Gaga’s producer. Sorry!) Believe it or not, I do have a point here!

Talking, conversing, pouring out hearts like a faucet to people at church, investing trust in our friends, explaining situations, and current situations, updating buddies that we’ve been meaning to call for 6 months and finally did [talking to them right now], sharing your story, your rough, abusive childhood and teen years, significant other that you just began to open up yourself to, a random dude on the street dressed up as Jeffrey the Giraffe (Toys R’ US is STILL the Bomb!), possibly some young adults, or elderly people handing out tracks on the street and telling people about Jesus and one stops you; next thing you know, you are in his/her arms, pouring out your life story drenching their overcoat with bodily fluid [tears]—we, as humans, all make our hearts vulnerable to somebody at some point. And people so often, run it through a preconceived filter, and find it tough at times to see the 'heart' of what people are saying...we kinda go off of 'keywords' and go off on tagents based on those keywords.

Urban Dictionary defines communication as:

Person A emits verbal tones in the form of sentences while Person B utilizes sense of hearing to transmit exact words to brain which in turn, re-creates the sentence to fit their own agenda and re-emits into a new and improved, yet rarely accurate, statement. can be just plain awesome sometimes! lol.

Do you feel like, sometimes [or maybe alotta times] people don't see the heart of your words? Maybe you share something very personal, or maybe of a theological or maybe even an experiential encounter with the holy spirit, and there seems to be some pre conceived notions and ‘filters’ tangled up in the conversation and stuff. And whether we consider ourselves non-judgemental, or not..we all carry some kind of filters around with us in our brains lol. Everybody has some sort of their own filter, EQ, effects, and mastering system intregrated in their brain to process and produce a reply. Hmm..sounds kinda like me behind my mac, except for…my head, and my computer always make it come out right. Which, is great for me. But if I would master everything, burn it to a cd; not everyone may like, or even understand my music. Even if I tried, really, really hard! Why do you think the word ‘Genre’ exists and may seem overused?

Billy Misunderstood: I feel, like theres more to the Holy Spirit than meets the eye, and that healing, signs and wonders might be able to happen and…

Reverend Bob Baptist: Now, Billy, you must be very very careful about any additional teachings other than whats in the Bible. It is written that many antichrists will come and perform miraculous signs and wonders and deceive many.

Billy Misunderstood: true..but...-sighs-

Billy Misunderstood: I just…I can’t shake this feelin’.
Reverend Bob Baptist: Now, Billy, you should never be living in your emotions. The bible tells us that emotions come from the flesh man and that you need to put the flesh to death and only operate out of the spirit man. Yes, Billy, your emotions are of the devil. Your spirit is from God.
Billy Misunderstood: what. This is ridiculous. [then, switches to youth pastor Buddy Jones for further counsel]

Billy Misunderstood: Brother Jones, I’ve been thinkin’ bout getting a tattoo lately..dang, I need some cash tho.

Buddy Jones: [starts beat-boxing] boom boom kap! bam boo cheesh! Ohhhhhh Billy...bap bap ba boom....tatoos are of the Devil! Boom bap checka checka..on every level!..kap kap kat… Leviticus 19:28 says it all rightttt ONN! [starts doing the robot]

Billy Misunderstood: -sighs- there he goes againnn… And whats with this..ohhh Billy..nowww Billy spree everybody seems to be on? -sighs once again-

Just a few examples! More on a spiritual level! lol.

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